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Lectureship 2019 Audio

THEME: "...stedfast, unmoveable, always abounding in the work of the Lord"

"Stedfast" - Melvin Sapp

"Unmoveable Truth" - Johnny Thomas"

"Unmoveable Pure Religion" - Houston Bynum

"Unmoveable Women" - Cindy Baker

"Unmoveable in World Evangelism" - Aaron Baker

"Unmoveable Reasoning" - Dick Sztanyo

"Unmoveable Church" - Derrick Coble

"Always Abounding in the Work of the Lord" - Paul Wilmoth

"Always Abounding to a Glorious Hope" - Milton Stephens

"Your Labor is not in Vain in the Lord" - Richard Harp

Lectureship 2018 Audio

THEME: "Who is like unto Thee" (Exod. 15:11)

"Who is like unto You, O Lord?" (Exod. 15:11) - Kerry Duke

"Glorious in Holiness" (Exod. 15:11) - Paul Elam

"Fearful in Praises" (Exod. 15:11) - Mark Day

"Desiring all to Come to Repentance" (II Pet. 3:9) - Larry Stewart

"Who Delivers the Poor" (Psa.35:10) - Ramdeo Ramdeen

"In Righteousness" (Psa. 71:19) - Alan Judd

"Who Pardons Iniquity" (Mic. 7:18) - Donny Weimar

"Delighting in Mercy" (Mic. 7:18) - James McGill

Lectureship 2017 Audio

THEME: "When the Son of Man Cometh..."

...Shall He Find Faith in the USA? - Charles Ivie

...Shall He Find Faith at Home? (Eph. 6:4) - Dan Gulley

...Shall He Find Faith in Ireland? - Ryan O'Roarke

...Shall He Be Ashamed? (Mark 8:38) - David Prophater

...Shall He Find Faith in My Home? - Randy Kea

...Where Shall He Find Me? (Matt. 24:36-44) - Ewell Pritchett

...What Shall I Do? - Ted Knight

...What Then? - David Meek

Lectureship 2016 Audio

THEME: "Revisiting the Battle..."

For the Souls of Men - Melvin Sapp

For a New Generation - Justin Newell

With Modernism - Elwin Mahan

With Denominationalism - Ron E. Gilbert

For Moral Purity - Matt Clifton

For the Word of God - Earl Alverson

With the Doctrine of Devils - George King

For the Kingdom of Heaven - Tim McHenry

Lectureship 2015 Audio

THEME: "Is Your Religion as Good as You Sing It?"

Blessed Assurance - Tom Holland

O Worship the King - Herb Alsup

Don't You Want to be Ready to Go? - Ronnie Cobb

You Never Mentioned Him to Me - Glenn Jobe

I Want to be a Worker for the Lord - Robert Boles

The Gospel is for All - Dwight Fuqua

I'll Be a Friend to Jesus - Ted Knight

A Beautiful Life - Ted Knight

I Want to be Ready - Ted Knight

Lectureship 2014 Audio

THEME: "God's Amazing Grace"

Amazing Grace, How Sweet the Sound - Joseph Barr

The Beginnings of God's Grace - Steve Jaggers

The Endurance of God's Grace - Jim Sanders

God's Grace in Central America - Bo Perez

God's Grace & Church Leaders - Roy McConnell

Limits of God's Grace - Mike Hogan

Grace & Truth Came by Jesus Christ - Leroy Dedmon

Religion from the Bleachers-Living in a Hard Place - Leroy Dedmon

God's Grace Leads Home - Glenn B. Ramsey

Lectureship 2013 Audio

Theme: “Where Do We Go From Here?”

"As for me and my house" (Josh. 24:15) (Michael Shepherd)

"Early will I seek thee" (Psa. 63:1) (Weylan Deaver)

"In holiness and righteousness" (Luke 1:75) (Fulton Smith)

"Looking unto Jesus" (Brant Stubblefield)

Following Christ (I Cor. 11:1) (David Flatt)

Keeping the commandments (Matt. 19:16-21) (Phil Davis)

"Let us go on to perfection" (Heb. 6:1) (Jim Lewis)

Lectureship 2012 Audio

Theme: "The Old Paths"

God's Plan to Save - Jason Gann

Debating the Bible - Joseph Barr

Man Can Fall from Grace - Kerry Duke

The New Testament Church - Tim McHenry

In Search of the Truth - Paul Wilmoth

The Good Way - Kenneth Mears

The Old Paths Lead Home - Glenn B. Ramsey

Lectureship 2011 Audio

Theme: "Bible Principles to be Followed in Christian Unity"

The Stone-Campbell Movement - James McGill

The Christian Attitude - Tim McHenry

Bible Doctrine About the Weak Brother - Kerry Duke

Malicious Gossip - Glenn B. Ramsey

Causes of Division - David Hill

Love the Brotherhood - Buddy Johnson

Be Careful in Taking a Stand - Brant Stubblefield

The Personality Problem - Paul Wilmoth

Fighting Sinful Things - Mac Deaver

Some Facts About the Judgment Day - Mac Deaver

Lectureship 2010 Audio

Theme: "Living Issues"

"For What Can the Church Contribution Be Spent?" - Chad Ramsey

"Modesty" - Tim McHenry

"Doctrinal Consistency" - Mac Deaver

"Some Miscellaneous Things" - Glenn B. Ramsey

"Church Support of Bible Colleges" - Ken Williams

"False Plans to Save" - David Hill

"The Work of the Devil & the Work of the Holy Spirit" - Paul Wilmoth

"Forms of Dishonesty" - Mac Deaver

"The End of the World" - Mac Deaver

Lectureship 2009 Audio

Theme:  “Evangelism" (Emphasis on the Northeastern Seaboard)

Gary Babcock: The Christian's Purpose in Life

Open Forum

Andre King: The Church in Connecticut & What We Can Do to Help

Tom Jackson: God's Plan to Save

Kerry Duke: The Backsliding Church of Today

David Coombs: The Church in New Hampshire & What We Can Do to Help

Glenn B. Ramsey: What It Takes to Build the Cause

David Hill: The Church & Personality Problems

Robert Nilram: The Church in Pennsylvania & What We Can Do to Help

Jay Repecko: The Church in Maine & What We Can Do to Help

Paul Wilmoth: Learning Mission Work From the Apostle Paul

Mark Day: Standing Strong for the Faith

Ken Williams: Straining at Gnats & Swallowing Camels

Alan St. Pierre/Malcolm Hill: Mission Work in Rhode Island

Paul Wilmoth: Preachers Working Together

Panel Discussion: Culture & Custom Changes

Lectureship 2008 Audio

Theme: God's Plan"

Bill Battles, M.D.: God's Plan for the Family

Open Forum

Malcolm Hill: God's Plan for Elders

Chad Ramsey: God's Plan for Deacons

Malcolm Hill: God's Plan for Preachers

Kerry Duke: God's Plan for Fellowship

Bill Threat: God's Plan for Church Membership

Mac Deaver: God's Plan for the Church

Joseph Barr: God's Plan for Defending the Faith

Shun Evans: God's Plan for Encouragement

Tim McHenry: God's Plan for Christian Living

Phil Dunn: God's Plan for Settling Problems

Carl Sims: God's Plan for Soul-Winning & Restoration

Paul Wilmoth: God's Plan for Church Contribution

David Hill: God's Plan for Christian Unity

Glenn B. Ramsey: God's Plan for the Heart

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