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Auditing Classes

Tennessee Bible College will allow auditing through our Distance Learning program. Those who wish to study our coursework without receiving official credit may do so under these guidelines:

1. The auditing student taking classes online will need to access the virtual classroom, thus we require students to fill out our online application so we can enter their information into our database Once the student is in the system, a username and password are assigned for access to the class.

2. We sometimes offer a blended distance learning program--this means that most classes are given online through our virtual classroom while some coursework may be assigned through mail correspondence.


There is a $25.00 application fee for applying with Tennessee Bible College.

Each course is $50.00. This does not include books and other research tools.

After the purchase of an online course, the student is granted access to that particular class. Please remember that our online studies are structured and designed around a time schedule and are concurrent with the quarters on campus at Tennessee Bible College.

If you wish to audit a course NOT designed for online studies, simply call the College and order a course designed for this format; it is not necessary to fill out an online application. There is still a $50.00 charge for each class audited.

An audit student will have limited access to the teacher and may contact the College for assistance. Note: the audit student is NOT required to take exams or write term papers.

*Only undergraduate classes are authorized for auditing.*