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Graduate Degrees

Tennessee Bible College offers two graduate degrees: Master of Theology and Doctor of Theology. Both degrees are in Christian Doctrine and Apologetics.

Both the M.Th. and the Th.D. programs are research-oriented with a practical thrust. They are designed to prepare students to defend and teach Bible truth effectively.

Degree Requirements - Master of Theology

(1) Complete three quarters of study in the Graduate School. Up to six quarter hours may be transferred from another institution toward the Master's degree, if approved by the Graduate Committee.

(2) Complete 48 quarter hours, as follows: The eight core curriculum courses (24 hours); four elective courses (12 hours); thesis (12 hours).

(3) Maintain a "B" average.

(4) Write the Master's thesis according to the guidelines given below.

(5) Complete requirements for the degree within seven years of date you enter the Master of Theology program at Tennessee Bible College.

Note: Any exception to degree requirements must have written approval from the Graduate Committee.

Doctor of Theology

(1) Complete 87 quarter hours of study above the Master of Theology level, as follows: the 12 courses in the core curriculum (36 hours); 5 elective courses (15 hours); the dissertation (36 hours). Application to transfer graduate credit from other institutions may be made to the Graduate Committee.

(2) Demonstrate knowledge of Old Testament Hebrew and New Testament Greek. This requirement may be satisfied by completing a three quarter sequence of undergraduate level courses in Hebrew and Greek and completing graduate courses 525 and 531 with a grade of "B" or above on both courses.

(3) Pass a preliminary examination. This examination, which may be written, oral, or both, at the discretion of the Graduate Committee, has the purpose of testing the student in regard to his grasp of the broad field of Christian Doctrine and Apologetics. The examination helps to assess the student's ability to teach and defend Christian doctrine. The examination also helps the Graduate Committee to decide as to the fitness of the student to undertake writing a dissertation of this field.

(4) Be admitted to candidacy for the Th.D. Candidacy status is extended after satisfactory completion of all course work, all language requirements, and after passing the preliminary examination.

(5) Write the doctoral dissertation according to the guidelines given below.

(6) All requirements for the Th.D. degree must be completed within seven years of the date of entry into the doctoral program. Application may be made to the Graduate Committee for an extension of time.

Guidelines for Theses and Dissertations