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Please remember:

(1) We must have official transcripts, not copies (even student copies);

(2) The high school, college, or military branch must mail the transcript(s) to us directly;

(3) You should have those transcipts sent to the Dean's office as soon as possible.

To register for courses after you have been accepted into the school, simply:

(1) examine the Course Schedule;

(2) contact the Dean if you need advice;

(3) select your class(es) and pay online.

*If you have a need, we are willing to discuss offering other courses than those listed above

Contact the Dean to discuss taking other courses: (931)526-2616.

L151 New Testament Greek I*

L152 New Testament Greek II*

L153 New Testament Greek III*

L251 New Testament Readings I

L253 New Testament Readings III

L261 Elementary Hebrew I

L262 Elementary Hebrew II

L252 New Testament Readings II

L263 Elementary Hebrew III

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